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Utility Assistance Winter Program (EAP) is a program that provides a one time credit on utilities for low-income households. It generally begins in November and runs through Mid-May. If a household is eligible, a designated amount will be credited to the utility bill.


The office is currently handing out appointment tickets for April 2018, on a first come first serve basis until we are out of appointments.

If you have a disconnect notice or your services are already shut off, you can still call for an emergency appointment (please read instructions below).

For Emergency Appointments Instructions - click on the following link:  EAP - Emergency Appointment Instructions

For a list of Documents Needed - click on the following link:  EAP - Documents Needed List  

For the Landlord Affidavit - click on the following link:  Landlord Affidavit 

For the WorkOne Release of Information Form - click on the following link:  WorkOne Release of Information Form